Continuing culture within culture of collapse – an honest conversation

A past we can’t escape, a future we don’t desire.

Horizons full of questions, the present full of repetition.

How to move away and yet get closer? How to break and live at the same time? How to do the impossible?

In this honest conversation about the (im)possibility of culture in a time of crisis, a conversation that is not late, but should have happened a long time ago, we want to ask ourselves:

How are we doing and how are we moving forward? How do we create in a world that doesn’t need more stuff? How do we yearn surrounded by extinction? How do we sing in a world full of noise? How do we act in a world exhausted by work? How do we act in a world where masks must fall? How do we remember when to let go of many inherited practices? How do we write in a world that has been written off? How can we rejoice without a future?

We invited colleagues from the field of culture and arts, as well as biologists and environmental activists, to the conversation. We gathered on Thursday 15.12. from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the Artget gallery in the Cultural Center of Belgrade, and talked from our hearts about our understanding of the crisis, and about why, how and what to do in it. This conversation has been an event that has been continued in a more public form through the program Towards the Symbiocene: in search of new paths of thinking and acting.

Initiators and hosts of the conversation: Danica Prodanović, Cultural Center of Belgrade; Milja Vuković, Blue and Green; Višnja Kisić and Goran Tomka, Forest University.