In our Wild Dreams: co-becoming in enmashed murmuring world

Goran Tomka and Višnja Kisić, conversation moderated by Tatjana Nikolić within “Critiques of Power in the Arts” international gathering, Vienna, 25-27.04.2024.

The biggest fear shared by capitalist, universalists, patriarchal, colonial, anthropocentric arrangements is the fear of life itself. Consequesnce of that fear? Crimes against life, coming in numerous shapes and ways.

In this conversation we’ll wonder of the troubles, uncertainties, and beauties of co-becoming with(in) the animate Earth. Co-becoming that disturbs, teases and tickles modern foundational myths – of Culture, management, creative genius and policing. Sensing ourselves within the life pulsating mash that escapes and surprises productivist appetites. Vibrating with the animate Earth, haunting the rational attempts for order and (self)discipline.

In our wild dreams, life strikes back. Life uncontrolled, surprising, entangled, borderless. Coming back to life, being powered through life, flowing with life is the subversive humming of our times.