Beyond green: towards ecological politics of mobility in arts and culture

Centuries of capitalist, colonial and patriarchal exploitation have ruined the planet as an interconnected ecosystem. However, at the moment, dominant visions offered for environmentally friendly transition within arts and culture all sit comfortably within greening politics, politics that are neoliberal, capitalist, universalising, techno-managerial, anthropocentric and post-political. We argue that when rethinking mobility in the light of current life crises on Earth, arts and culture have to go further and dig deeper than suggested by a greening toolbox. 

Formulating a new politics of mobility in arts and culture requires engaging in political and ontological questions beyond anthropocentrism, articulating radical critiques to the capitalist world-ecology, and imagining life-nurturing future visions. In this text, we offer a glimpse of current debates on reimagining mobility in arts and culture, voice a critique of greening mobility, and explore ideas that go beyond greening and embrace ecological thought. 

The text has been published in 2022 in freely available volume Mobility in Culture: Conceptual Frameworks and Approaches. i-Portunus Houses, Volume 1., edited by Nancy Duxburyand Dea Vidović, by Kultura Nova Foundation, Zagreb, and has been part of a wider attempt to rethink mobility in arts and culture.