Ecological turn in culture

In this text we are exploring what “an ecological turn in culture” could mean, a turn that follows a different path than sustainable development and greening, two currently dominant frameworks for thinking about environmental issues within culture. In the first part of the text, we will offer a multiperspective critique of sustainable development and greening. In the second part, we will turn towards what we call “the ecological turn in culture”. In doing so, we invite symbiotic, convivial, plural, caring, just and life-affirming ways of thinking, practicing, and living culture: ways that don’t fall into traps of maintaining the status quo

The text is part of the publication From practice to politics: an environmental shift through culture and art, which is freely downloadable online. The publication was edited by Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski and Ivana Dragšić from Lokomotive, Skopje, within the project ACT/Art, Climate, Transition.