Deep live gathering

„We find ourselves in a moment of separation: with ourselves, with community, with nature. With life itself.

We are simplified and mortified by the digital reality. We simplify and kill natural systems. We kill each other – literally – in wars. We break ties and chains of trust, threads of mycelium, in time – between generations – and in space.

Realization of this situation is so painful that avoiding the truth has become the new normal. We seem to choke under water, forgetting that somewhere above us there is air and sunlight.

But this light exists and it is not only above us, but in ourselves – in our hearts and our bodies. Life is us and we ourselves are life.

We are here and we are alive. Life flows through us. We call to reconnect with life and gather in communal circles on Earth, connecting our bodies and our hearts. To remember and experience intimacy and trust. To love each other in every sense of this word. To find courage in community and to act together for the sake of life, love and flourishing of all sentient beings.

We are calling to you to gather in your region in order to be together, share food, words and ceremonies, to embrace biocentric worldview and undertake regenerative lifestyle and practices.“

Introductort text Deep livde gathering 2023

Deep Live Gathering is a planetary meeting that happens once a year during one autumn week, in many local places in the world, wherever there are hosts who want to bring people together and join the gathering organization. This year, the third meeting in a row takes place in the period from 30.10.-5.11.2023, at 17 locations, which are visible on this map.

DLG is motivated by the work of the Deep Adaptation Forum, which is based on confronting the collapse of modern exploitative civilization due to growing ecological/social crises, and the birth of some different, more cooperative and biocentric ways of living. As most DAF meetings happen online, the Deep Live Gathering is an interlocal event and a way for people to meet in communities that are local and connect online to other locations.

As Forest University, we participate for the second time in opening the doors for gathering for this event in Serbia, on Fruška Gora. The event is not commercial, but it is not funded by anyone either, so the contribution of all participants in the form of shared food and drinks or voluntary donations is welcome. Accommodation costs are borne by the participants, except for those who have already applied for accommodation at the Forest University, or want to set up their own tent and be accommodated that way. Although there is an outline program, the meeting is a joint action, defined by all participants as a living community of human beings.

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